Local Media Videos

Health education video for the general public in the local media on nephrology and related subjects. Although some videos may feature Renal Association members, the Renal Association does not claim credit or ownership.

Dr D Pillay, urologist, on urinary incontinence on Defimedia.info 7 July 2020


Dr Ip, nephrologist, giving advice to renal patients during the Covid-19 outbreak for Coronavirus Moris and BeSafeMoris.

Dr MH Awotar, urologist, talking about kidney stones on Allô Doctor


World Kidney March 2030, MBC TV

Dr D Ip, nephrologist Defimedia

Dr K Fagoone on dialysis on Allô Docteur, DefiSanté

Dr K Fagoonee, nephrologist speaking on ‘What are kidneys?’ On MBC TV

Dr K Fagoonee, nephrologist speaking on ‘Pregnancy and the kidneys?’ On MBC TV