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For a record of all the CPD EVENTS organised with or by The Renal Association, please check here.


This is a mixed face to face and webinar organised following the the award of a International Society of Nephrology Sister Renal Centre partnership between Dr D Ip(SSRN Hospital) and Dr J Baharani (Brimingham Hearlands Hospital UK).

This is open to all Renal Association members, surgeons and dialysis nurses. Places are limited. please register in the form (coming soon).


C’est le theme de la journee mondiale de l’hypertension le 17 Mai 2022.

La mesure de la tension artérielle à la maison est conseillée pour diagnostiquer une hypertension et surtout contrôler l’efficacité du traitement de l’hypertension. Comment effectuer ce geste vous-même et avec quel type de tensiomètre (masinn tansion)?

Apprenez à le faire!

The ABC of HBP

The latest symposium from the Renal Association was held in June 2022..

Inspired by the theme of the 2022 World Hypertension Day ‘Measure your blood pressure, control it, live longer’, The Renal Association presents an innovative 4 point CPD event ‘The ABC of HBP’ built around clinical cases with both practical tips and updated evidence for the everyday optimal management of hypertension.

Find out about it here.


World Kidney Day 2022 – Kidney Health for All

Our members have been on the airwaves talking about kidney health and disease!

Dr Issaam Oozerally, Nephrologist

10 March 2022: We are lauching 3 new leaflets on kidney disease in French and one in Kreol Morisien. Download them here.

25 March 2022: Special evening where we discuss how kidney failure patients lives could be transformed by home dialysis treatment, why veins should be protected and testimonies from patients anddiaysis staff.

Kidneys Matter

Welcome. The Renal Association (of Mauritius) is a group of health professionals working together to improve the care of patients with kidney disease by promoting the highest standard of medical practice. Our focus is Mauritius but we form part of the global nephrology community through our affiliation of the International Society of Nephrology. We welcome all interested team members working and training in clinical care of kidney patients and related fields as well as doing research in kidney disease.

What is Nephrology?

Nephrology is a specialty of medicine focused on the kidneys, specifically normal kidney function, the preservation of kidney health, and kidney disease and its treatment, from diet and medication to dialysis and kidney transplantation. Find out more.

The Founding Members

From left to right: Dr O Bheekharry, Dr S Fedally, Dr P Ancharaz, Dr D Ip, Dr S Gaya, Dr M Rughooputh, Dr R Mohungoo, Dr K Fagoonee.

Did you know?

In 2017, 1.2 million people died from kidney failure, an increase of 41.5% since 1990.

Global Burden of Disease Study 2017


Reports of events related to the association and the local nephrological community.

What are our activities?

They are centred around promoting nephrology and fighting kidney disease.

The Kidney Club

Our portal to education and the latest updates in Nephrology.

History of Nephrology

Our project to record the history of the early years of Nephrology in Mauritius.


We are registered with the Medical Council of Mauritius as a CPD provider.

Learn about kidney health

Discover our Kidney Info pages. These are intended to provide general information to the patients and relatives about kidneys, kidney disease and kidney medicine. We hope they will be of interest. For medical advice suitable for your personal circumstances, you need to see a qualified health professional. Check our disclaimer.

The Kidney Magazine

Illustration by Dr Rizwan Hamer

Our magazine about the lighter side of kidney life is in preparation. Watch this space!

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