Nephrology in MRU

What is the state of kidney medicine in Mauritius?

In the following pages, we explore and document various aspects of Nephrology in our country. Although our members may have been involved in some of these activities, the Renal Association does not not claim credit or ownership.

The history of Nephrology in our country

This has not been looked in detail before. This project attempts to preserve the details of history for posterity and give due credit to the pioneers in the field.

Nephrology services in Mauritius

This page is only partially complete.

Nephrology in the local written press

A collection of newspaper cuttings and links to online news articles reflecting the ups and downs of Nephrology and kidney patients.

Nephrology on television and social media videos

A series of video clips usually about health education and news events in nephrology.

Medical lectures in Mauritius about Nephrology and related subjects.

A selection of the local educational meetings for local doctors by local and visiting speakers.