Nephrology and dialysis services in Mauritius

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Seeing a Nephrologist

Patients can be seen in a public hospital for their kidney disease if they are referred by

  1. a doctor at the Local Health Centre
  2. a doctor in Casualty of any public hospital
  3. a doctor seen in a private practice or clinic

Internal Medicine Specialists and Nephrologists work as a team in the five major hospitals (see lower down). Patients with kidney disease are often seen first by Internal Medicine Specialist teams. Patient with more advanced or rarer conditions are taken care by the Nephrology team.

Larger private clinics have their in-house Nephrology team and most clinics have visiting nephrologists. Some nephrologists also give consultations in various private practices (‘cabinet’).

Dialysis Centres

There are many dialysis units in Mauritius. Some are stand alone units, some attached to a public hospital or to a private clinic. However only the bigger public hospitals and private clinics provide a full nephrology service with inpatient beds and outpatient reviews supervised by a nephrologist. There is currently no transplant service in Mauritius.

Dialysis is free in Mauritius in the public hospital and associated hospitals. It is also free in a number of private clinics who are funded by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to take on patients under the care of the public hospitals.

Public facilities managed by the Ministry of Health and Wellness

Victoria Hospital, Candos, Quatre Bornes

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital, Pamplemousses

The Haemodialysis Unit (HDU) at SSRN Hospital was open in May 2000 and is actually found on the opposite side of the road in a wooded area. It is therefore locally and affectionally called as ‘dan bois’ or ‘la foret’. It is also known as the SDI (Skin Disease Infirmary) as the building previously housed that department. The SDI was the successor to the old Leprosy Hospital whose historical rundown but handsome buildings stand across the way from the HDU.

Jawaharlall Nehru Hospital, Rose Belle

The Haemodialysis Unit at JN Hospital was also set in May 2000 initially with 10 machines in what is now the CT scan department of the hospital. The dialysis unit moved to its present location in May 2002. It has now 23 dialysis machines.

A G Jeetoo Hospital, Port Louis

Main Haemodialysis Unit (2012)

New Haemodialysis Unit (2019)

Flacq Hospital, Centre de Flacq

Riche Mare Haemodialysis Unit was opened in August 2003 in Riche Mare just over a km away from Flacq Hospital. The unit is notable for its long track record of success in the Public Service Excellence Awards: Cost Effectiveness (2004), Grand Winner (2009), Special Mention Leadership and Team Spirit (2013), Special Jury’s (2014), Leadership and Team Spirit (2015 and 2016), Grand Winner (2018). Well done to the team!

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Crève Coeur, Rodrigues

Souillac Hospital

Long Mountain Hospital

The newest haemodialysis is housed in a converted infirmary linked to the church in Long Mountain. The first patients were dialysed there on the 24 February 2021.

Private facilities

Centres with a * take on non-paying patients referred by the public hospitals. The other centres only dialyse paying patients.

AURAM*, Pamplemousses

Chisty Shifa Clinic*, Port Louis

Clinique Nephron*, Quatre Bornes

Dialysis Centre*, Phoenix

Wellkin Hospital*, Moka

Clinique du Nord*, Baie du Tombeau

Clinique Darné, Floréal, Curepipe

The following clinics may be able to perform emergency dialysis. For updated information please contact these institutions.

City Clinic, Port Louis and Grand Baie

Clinique Müller