The ABC of HBP 2022

Inspired by the theme of the 2022 World Hypertension Day ‘Measure your blood pressure, control it, live longer’, The Renal Association presents an innovative 4 point CPD event ‘The ABC of HBP’ built around clinical cases with both practical tips and updated evidence for the everyday optimal management of hypertension


The Art of Blood Pressure Taking – is studied with its practicalities and the subtleties of its various techniques

Evaluating hypertension – in everyday patients needs attention to history, examination and the right tests to evaluate complications

Living well with hypertension – is about advising patients to adopt helpful lifestyle measures and cope with the discipline of treatment.

The drug cabinet – reveals the ins and outs of pharmacotherapy tailored to the individual patients

When to ring the alarm – requires early recognition of end-organ damage and life threatening situations

Hypertension and exercise

Clinical cases

The Salt Quiz


Dr D Ip – Dr S Fedally – Dr M Rugooputh
Dr Y Gendoo – Dr Y Purrunsing – Dr A Bholah



The Renal Association would like to thank our generous sponsors