The Founding of the Renal Association

Dialysis came to Mauritius well before the first nephrologist. Even after, the number of nephrologists built up very slowly. An association remained a pipe dream for a long time…

Dr K Fagoonee, the founding president of the Renal Association, explains:

“The idea of the Renal Association germinated five years ago, in March 2015, between two of the present founding members, but at that time, there were too few Nephrologists in Mauritius, so it was pocketed till last year, when we had a greater ‘force de frappe’, in terms of members. After many deliberations, all founding members met on the 26 July 2019 to set up The Renal Association.”

“Here’s hoping that our association will pay tribute to those Father Figures who set the blueprints of Nephrology in Mauritius as early as the 1990’s as well as nurture new generations of Nephrologists. They will drive the future of Nephrology for the centuries to come….”

So, eight Mauritian dedicated nephrologists working in the public hospitals met in Port Louis on a winter evening almost a year ago. The Renal Association was born. There is now the hope that Nephrology in Mauritius will at long last emerge from the shadows. It really needs to.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) unfortunately affects 170,000 of our compatriots. 1,400 of them are on regular dialysis and 350 have functioning renal transplants. Morbidity and mortality are shockingly high and yet CKD is still little known to the public at large.

Although new therapeutic options are being devised to improve the life of those affected, delivery of effective care in Mauritius needs improving a lot. Our main goal has to promote the profession of Nephrology to improve the plight of kidney patients.

We want to facilitate co-operation between all interested parties in Nephrology, to promote continuous professional development of health care providers, to organize regular scientific meetings and seminars and engage eagerly with the Mauritian public on health promotion and education issues.

We want kidney health for all. Kidney health for everyone, everywhere.

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