If the Covid-19 pandemic never existed…

… we would not be approaching 10 million of infected people and half a million deaths. There is no clear easy exit route yet of this tragedy.

The consequence for our Association is of course trivial compared to the global calamity but it was nevertheless a nasty shock for a newly born organisation. There had been a feverish ( of the non-viral type!) preparation for our first annual conference “Let’s Talk Kidneys” and first evening CPD event of a series which we named “The Kidney Club”.

The first 3 cases of Covid-19 came together on March 18 2020. I think everyone will always remember what they were doing at the time of the prime ministerial announcement. We had just completed dinner after an association business meeting full of big plans…

So the best plans went in smoke. There was an excited scramble online for more information but one thing was for sure. We had to put a brave face and get ready for a long crisis. Lockdown and the frontline.

Mauritius has weathered the first wave relatively well but not without tragic losses. We are in a lull but let’s not make any illusions. It’s not over yet. The worse is yet to come.

The silver lining to this pandemic is that I wouldn’t be penning this blog entry just now. My fellow members and I would have been in a bit of a panic on the eve of the first conference. Instead, we are officially launching our website renal.mu and ‘The Kidney Club” has morphed into a Free Online Access Medical Education(FOAMed) intiative of the association.

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