10 Facts about Kidney Transplant


Kidney transplant is the treatment of choice for those who have failing kidney function.


Kidney donation is safe. Most people have 2 kidneys and only 1 is needed for survival.


Kidney transplant patients do no have to be on dialysis, but they do have to take a few medications, life long.


Kidney transplant patients are closely followed by Nephrologists.


Kidney transplanted patients live a full, normal and better life than if they are on dialysis treatment.


Kidney transplanted patients have 3 kidneys, most of the time, unless there are medical indications to remove any of the 2 native kidneys.


Kidneys that are transplanted start to work immediately in the recipient body, hence no more dialysis needed.


Kidney transplant has a very good survival rate.


Kidney transplant can be done preemptively i.e. no need to wait to be on dialysis before doing a transplant.


Kidney donation is life donating life.

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