10 Facts about Dialysis


Dialysis is not a fatality, with the progress in health care over the past decades.


Dialysis is not painful. No, the only pain felt is a small pinch when the arteriovenous fistula is needled.


Dialysis must be done thrice per week. This is the standard recommendation. We must remember that our kidneys work 24/7.


Dialysis means that you have to watch your diet closely.


Dialysis is like replacing the work of the kidneys, albeit not up to 100%.


Dialysis is offered free of charge in Mauritius.


Dialysis helps the patient live a normal life. You only have to come in for treatment thrice weekly for four hours.


Dialysis is not a cure for kidney failure, it only helps to keep you alive.


Most dialysis patients, if they follow their treatment and dialysis regime well, are fit to work.


Dialysis is the start of a new life, for those patients with failing kidney function.

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